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Dan- Long Valley Soccer Director

Hi Tyler,

Got the first set of mails...thanks once again for the great service in taking care of us.

The feedback from our coaches has been extremely positive, particularly from the tentative first-time volunteers, who weren't really sure what they were getting into.

The more experienced coaches may deviate a bit from the plans to put their own spin on it, but they find it valuable to review the sessions each week, and grab bits and pieces to incorporate into their sessions.

Overall, the feedback from the board is that this was one of the most cost-effective, expedient ways to support the large number of coaches we serve.

Thanks again!

Ann-Pataskala Recreation Director OH

"A Wonderful response from our coaches regarding the activities and the entire program.  Particularly with our "never coached before" volunteers.  Thank you for contributing to a wonderful soccer season and assisting us with making soccer available to the youth in our community!"

James- Volunteer Coach

"I am new to the sport and never really paid much attention to soccer in the past, but my 6 year old son wanted to play. There was a shortage of coaches, so I volunteered. I'm very glad I stumbled on your site! I used the first set of activities yesterday at practice and the boys LOVED them! They did not want to go home."

Tom Bell Twin Counties Soccer NJ

"I just wanted to let you know that I have been using the ages 10/11 drills for my girls team & you have turned my sessions into the easiest & most enjoyable 1.5 hours I've ever spent on the field with them.  Trying to get them organized and focused is no easy task.  The drills are easy to follow with the help of the video and animation.  I have been rewarded by watching the girls attempt what they have learned, in the end of practice scrimmages."

Scott Fussell Fishers Soccer Club IN

"What a great tool YouthSoccer101 has turned out to be! The time it took to write my own lesson plans was the most time-consuming part of coaching the past four seasons. Having a lesson plan that is incredibly EASY TO READ, UNDERSTAND, and TEACH has made a huge difference at our practices. I love the format, the accompanying videos, the diagrams and explanations. There’s really nothing I don’t like about the information and the way it’s presented. 101 is a massive help and well worth the investment made by our local club. Thanks for providing this resource, helping maximize my effectiveness as a coach and enhancing the experience we’re providing our players. I’ll be a better coach and our girls will be better players because of it."

Ed Thornton Morris United NJ

"We are one of the largest programs in Northern NJ with over 100+ coaches in our recreation program.  The Recreation Soccer Support System has been a big hit with our coaches & players ages 4-14.  It helped make my VP of Recreation job easier & gave our coaches fun, effective drills to bring to their practices."

Murrieta Youth Soccer CA

"Youth soccer 101 has become a tremendous asset to Murrieta Youth Soccer.  Our coaches & children alike have benefited from your well thought
out practice plans.  We look forward to our continued partnership!"

S. Manning Coach   Kansas

"I found the plans very helpful and
I really appreciated all the great ideas
and drills."

Bryant Campbell Coach
Coffee County Soccer TN

"Love it...this is awesome!"

Jim Green Coach
 Harrisburg, PA

I am so glad our club is providing this
 for us and I wish I had this 3 years ago for my older daughter."

Kathy Pearson Coach Tampa FL

"Including my assistant coaches made practices even better.  Occasionally I would be running late and my assistants were already starting the 2nd drill.  Talk about being on the same page."

Rick D.  Club Administrator 
Ashland Youth Soccer

"I don't think I could have made it
through the season without the Recreation Soccer Support System.  It saved me a ton of time!" 

Andy G. Recreation Coordinator
 Matawan, NJ

"30 coaches all doing the same fun drills
 at practice each week makes for an organized prepared division."

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Youthsoccer101 provides age appropriate practice plans for the coaches in your club.  Each plan includes animation & video of the activities so the coach clearly understands them. This  helps increase volunteer participation within your club and supports your existing coaches.

Here is how the program works   soccer drills on your ipad or iphone  

Once per week the head coach & their assistant coaches (and any parent) receive an age appropriate plan via email for the entire season (max 15 weeks). 


soccer practice, animated soccer drills
The coaches review & print the plan and watch the video/animation of the game based activities (drills).  This ensures the coaches understand how they should look on the field.  They can even view it on their smart phone at the field.


soccer coach, soccer player, youth soccer
The result is the coach spends a few minutes each week preparing & comes to practice 
with activities that they understand and gives them confidence to run a fun effective practice.  

Frequently asked questions by Administrators:

How do my coaches get the practice plans from Youthsoccer101?

Option #1-your club sends the email addresses to youthsoccer101 and we take it from there.  85% of the clubs use this option.

Option #2-The club sends an email to the coaches with a registration link provided by Youthsoccer101 and they register on their own.

How much follow up does the club have to do with the coaches?

Once the coaches are in the system Youthsoccer101 takes over from there.  Any questions or changes to email addresses are handled by youthsoccer101.  We take you out of the loop so you can concentrate on the hundreds of other things you are doing.

What if a coach joins the coaching ranks after the season starts?

This happens more often than not and you just send them to the Youthsoccer101 home page and on the top menu bar is a "Club Coach registration" option where they can register on their own--once again taking you out of the loop.

When are the plans delivered

The club picks the start date and the plans are delivered the weekend prior to the practice.  This gives the coaches ample time to review/print the plans at their convenience.

Is there a limit to the number of coaches?

There is no limit to the number of coaches included when the bundle pack is purchased.  Every coach in the club is covered.

Can my coaches purchase the plan individually?

Yes, your coaches can buy the plans.  If your club is not ready to purchase the plans for your coaches, the weekly plans can be purchased by a coach for $30/season.  They would receive 15 age appropriate plans which includes up to 2 assistant coaches.  View HERE

How many plans are sent?

Plans are sent to cover the entire season with a maximum of 15 plans per season.  

Who created the practice plans?

Youthsoccer101 created the plans in conjunction with a number of outside sources including Tom Goodman USSF National Staff Instructor. 

What is the cost? (repeat customer discounts are not listed)

Visit our on line store for pricing information HERE

What type of payments do you accept?

All major credit cards, Pay Pal, and club checks.



Are you an individual coach and want to buy the plans for yourself?  View HERE

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