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Age U12

Hello Coach,

We have a great practice planned this week that focuses on passing and receiving for possession.

Keep it fun!  


Review the written plan &
print it for your practice


Step #2
With the printed plan in front of you watch the video/animation
 to make sure you understand how they should work

Focus Move of the week
Double Scissors

Dutch Square

3V3 5 Goal Game

4V4 5V5 4 Small Goals

Tip of the week:  

How can I get a player to listen to my instructions during the game?

Yelling instructions to a player on the field during a game is distracting and confusing for the player.  I am sure you have had a player look at you as you are giving them instructions and the play continues on past the player.  Talk to the player at a stoppage of play (half time, substitution, etc) .  This is a much more constructive time to guide your players.


Encouraging words for your players

"You were really aggressive today"
"You really communicated with your teammates"



Plans are set up in this easy to follow format.

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