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Age U6

Hello Coach,

We have a great practice planned this week with plenty of time with the ball.  We introduce the players to the the soccer ready position-which will be a lifesaver for you during the entire season!

Keep it fun!

Step #1
Review the written plan & print for practice 


Step #2
With the printed plan in front of you watch the
videos/animated of the activities to make sure
 you understand how they look on the field

Teach the players the soccer ready position


Hospital Tag

Body Part Dribble

Get Outta Here


Coaching Points:

  • Keep as many players moving as much as possible.
  • Give short instructions & demonstrate the drill.
  • Get the players involved quickly.
  • Instruct more on an individual basis while the drill is going on.
  • Be positive and upbeat with your communication to the players.

Encouraging words for your players

"I am proud of the way you worked today"
"I  knew you could do it"


<======= Plans are set up in this easy to follow format.

<======= Printable plans to bring to practice

Animation or video of each activity to help coaches better understand them.

15 age appropriate plans are emailed directly to you each week.

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