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Age U8

Step #1
Review the written plan &
print to bring to practice  



Step #2
With the printed plan in front of you watch the videos/animated of the activities
 to make sure you understand how they should work

Warm up with Toe Touches

Warm up with boxing dribble

Free Dribble

Sharks & Minnos


Get outta there with numbers

What do I do coach? 

Mary sometimes takes the ball away from her teammates? 

At this age the players want the ball.  You will notice in games, players on the same team surrounding the ball and sometimes taking it from their own player.  Playing 3V3 and 4V4 games helps to eliminate this problem because everyone gets a chance to touch the ball in a smaller game setting.  A coach must try to help Mary realize that she will get a turn with the ball and that her teammates deserve a turn to dribble the ball in the game.  NO YELLING AT MARY.


Encouraging words for your players

"You are on the top of your game today"

"You are an excellent listener"


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