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                                      Age U10

Hello Coach,

We have a great practice planned this week that focuses on dribbling for possession.

Keep it fun!  


Step #1
Review the written plan &
print the activities 



Step #2
With the printed plan in front of you watch the videos/animated
 to make sure you understand how they should work

Focus move of the week 
Have the players practice the focus move while they are waiting for the practice to start.  Spend the first 5 minutes of practice working on the focus move.

View the animated activities
(use the printed plan for reference while viewing)

Technical warm up box

Small Sided Steal & Shield

3V3 End Zone Game


General thoughts about this age group based on US Youth Soccer Best Practices:

 Team concepts and combination play should not be introduced.
· They are able to remember what they were shown last practice and apply it.
· Keep activities short and simple.
· Give plenty of encouragement  

General description of what should be happening during practice:

· Having fun with the ball.
· No line, no laps, no lectures.
· Encourage the basic skills and give them time with the ball.
· Include games to goals. General description of information that is communicated to the players by the coach:

· Positive attitude and encouragement.
· Specific soccer related information should be limited to basic ideas.
· When addressing technique, consider that kids learn by watching and copying.

Best qualities of a coach for this age player:

 Appreciate the power of learning by watching.
· Have the ability to demonstrate or us older players to demonstrate.
· Understand the capabilities and limitations at this age. 

Last minute tip:

This is recreation soccer and you will be dealing with a wide range of skill levels.  The drills are age appropriate.  Try to put similar ability players together when they are working in the groups.  The player ability evaluation may take a few practices but  this will be very beneficial for the players and coaches.


Encouraging words for your players

"Great job at practice today"
"Your dribbling is really getting good"


Plans are set up in this easy to follow format.

Printable plans to bring to practice

Animation or video of each activity to help coaches better understand them.

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