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Bruce- Director of player/coach development Westford, MA.

"I just wanted to make sure WYSA coaches are signed up for your excellent weekly practice plans. The coach feedback was very positive.  It's great to get the plans pushed out to the coaches and the video demonstrations are very helpful and instructive."

Coach Ben- Wellesley United MA.

"Is really great!  The videos, animation, narration etc. someone has put a ton of time into making this work and it is really quite amazing in terms of having a resource for coaching soccer.  Thank you!"

Scott Fussell Fishers Soccer Club IN

"What a great tool YouthSoccer101 has turned out to be! The time it took to write my own lesson plans was the most time-consuming part of coaching the past four seasons. Having a lesson plan that is incredibly EASY TO READ, UNDERSTAND, and TEACH has made a huge difference at our practices. I love the format, the accompanying videos, diagrams & explanations.  There is really nothing I don't like about the information."

Jim Manning  Coach Kansas

"I found the plans very helpful and I really appreciated all the great ideas and drills."

Bryant Campbell Coach Coffee County Soccer TN

"Love it...this is awesome!"

Kathy Pearson Coach Tampa FL

"Including my assistant coaches made practices even better.  Occasionally I would be running late and my assistants were already starting the 2nd drill.  Talk about being on the same page."


If you are a volunteer coach (any age) and you do not have the knowledge &/or the time to put together a fun effective practices each week that you know your players will like READ ON............

We have created age appropriate practice plans that are easy to follow and delivered directly to your email on a weekly basis.  You no longer have to search the internet for drills and wonder if they will actually work on the field. 

Each plan is supported with animation/video to help you completely understand how the activities should look on the field.  The plans are not only fun for the players but they teach the correct skills based on the age group you are coaching. 

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