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Hello Coach- 

The games planned for this week are designed to help the players get familiar with the soccer ball.  You will need to move from activity to activity rather quickly as the attention span of these youngsters is very short.   Have fun! 

Coaching Points:
  • Give a quick water break in between each activity.
  • Demonstrate the activity quickly.
  • Instruct more on an individual basis while the activity is going on.
  • Be positive and upbeat with your communication to the players.

Review the written plan by clicking on the field below. 
Then print the plan before reviewing the videos below.

U4 #1

Step #2
With the printed plan in front of you view
the video/animation of the activities below, to help make sure
you fully understand how it should look on the field

Teach the soccer ready position and use it all season long!

Soccer Ready

Soccer Tag

Red Light Green Light

Agility Course

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