Peter Vermes, Manager Sporting KC Major League Soccer

"Youthsoccer101 provides a great support system for those beginning their coaching careers.  The layout of the website and the outline of numerous exercises allow for a seamless transition from player or parent coach.  The extensive database will help grow the soccer community and allow children at all levels to experience effective training and learning environments.  The Advanced Coaching platform is a unique extension which enables the more tenured coach to create, share and view new exercises with other advanced coaches right there on the field.  The easy-to-use design makes it really accessible for coaches to collaborate in a combined effort to grow the game."

Tom Goodman, Former US Youth Soccer National Director Of Coaching

"The YouthSoccer101 Automated Practice Plan Program has been truly beneficial to the Wellesley United Soccer Club.  Age appropriate practice plans are emailed to all of the coaches in our program each week.  Not only are the practice plans sent in the weekly coaches' email, but animations and video clips are included as well.  As the former US Youth Soccer National Director of Coaching Education, I highly recommend that your soccer organization utilize the YouthSoccer101 Practice Plan Program."

Bob Reasso Former Rutgers University Head Soccer Coach 1980-2009

 "We made sure our coaching staff came to practice prepared and on the same page.  This site makes it easy to create a training session and share it with your coaches.  I wish we had this available when I was coaching at RU.  No matter what level you are coaching, having a well thought out plan is extremely important and it benefits the players and the coaches.  Great job Tyler!

Rick Jacobs Former St. Benedict Prep Head Coach 6 time High School National Champion 1985-2010

"This site has it all.  A variety of activities for coaches at all levels.  Video clips of how each should look on the field makes it simple for any coach to follow.  There are a number of exercises where your players receive a significant number of touches coupled with running off the ball.  I coached Tyler in club ball and it is easy to see why he would develop a site that emphasizes movement off the ball and fast feet.  Those are the qualities that made him a great player and captain at Rutgers University.  Coaches, I would recommend this site to help improve your training sessions."

Charlie Duccilli, Former Rutgers University Head Women's Soccer Coach 1984-2000, Former Coach WUSA 2001-2003, Current Director of Coaching Cape Express NJ


"In my present position as Director of Coaching at a youth club, my message to our staff is always about keeping the game simple, yet interesting. Youthsoccer101 achieves this.  It preaches the "kiss" theory like no other coaching tool. Choose your age level, target the appropriate activities for your lesson, watch for a few minutes and off you go. As the soccer coaching market continues to get flooded with all the new and improved theories about how to properly train youngsters, it's very satisfying to find a simple coaching aid to help run an effective and enjoyable session for our players.  Well done, Tyler!"

B'easy New River United

This fall I had several coaches say, "If you will get the youth soccer 101 program I'll coach again." I want to show this to the NRU board members tonight in hopes to continue to fund for spring!  Thanks!

Tom Bell President Twin Counties Soccer NJ

 "I just wanted to let you know that I have been using the ages 10/11 drills for my girls team & you have turned my sessions into the easiest & most enjoyable 1.5 hours I've ever spent on the field with them.  Trying to get them organized and focused is no easy task.  The drills are easy to follow with the help of the video and animation.  I have been rewarded by watching the girls attempt what they have learned, in the end of practice scrimmages."

Scott Frussell Coach from one of the largest recreation organizations in Indiana  Fishers Soccer Club

 "What a great tool YouthSoccer101 has turned out to be! The time it took to write my own lesson plans was the most time-consuming part of coaching the past four seasons. Having a lesson plan that is incredibly EASY TO READ, UNDERSTAND, and TEACH has made a huge difference at our practices. I love the format, the accompanying videos, the diagrams and explanations. There’s really nothing I don’t like about the information and the way it’s presented. 101 is a massive help and well worth the investment made by our local club. Thanks for providing this resource, helping maximize my effectiveness as a coach and enhancing the experience we’re providing our players. I’ll be a better coach and our girls will be better players because of it."

Bryan DeNovellis  Coach Old Bridge, NJ

"Had a great practice tonight with my 1st and 2nd graders (U-6 and U-7). Take it to the Bank and the Pull Back Drill were definitely a hit. The girls hadn't seen those games before. Definitely a good practice. Thanks for the itinerary."

Coach Thompson Tampa, FL

"I really appreciated all the practice plans I received the direction were easy to follow great formatting with diagrams next to each Objective Practice Plan. Awesome website... Encouraging Words loved it especially with 5 & Under kids. Very Positive. Thank you so much!"

Coach Thompson Kathy Pearson Rec VP Tampa FL

"In the past we have spent more then $200 on a trainer to teach one single coaching class.  This recreation support system gives the coaches 10 weeks of information in weekly digestible doses-outstanding"

Ed Thornton Morris United NJ

"We are one of the largest programs in Northern NJ with over 100+ coaches in our recreation program.  The Recreation Soccer Support System has been a big hit with our coaches & players ages 4-14.  It helped make my VP of Recreation job easier & gave our coaches fun, effective drills to bring to their practices."

Murrieta Youth Soccer CA

"Youth soccer 101 has become a tremendous asset to Murriteta Youth Soccer.  Our coaches & children alike have benefited from your well thought out practice plans.  We look forward to our continued partnership!"

Anne Walther Director Pataskala OH

"This is an awesome addition to our league.  All 42 coaches new & old appreciated having a practice plan to follow each week.  Thank you for providing such a beneficial product and service!"

Bryant Campbell Coach Coffee County Soccer TN

"Love it...this is awesome!"

Jim Green Coach  Harrisburg, PA

"I was not sure if I was ready to coach 5 year old soccer.  The practice plans gave me great coaching tips and fun drills."

Rick D.  Club Administrator  Ashland Youth Soccer

"I don't think I could have made it through the season without the Recreation Soccer Support System.  It saved me a ton of time!" 

Andy G. Recreation Coordinator  Matawan, NJ "30 coaches all doing the same fun drills at practice each week makes for an organized prepared division."